VSphere 6.5 Security Product walkthroughs

A product walkthrough is a guided “tour” of many of VMware’s products. They are accessible when someone wants to do a dry run of a task, like encrypting a VM for example so one can become accustomed with the necessary steps in the vSphere Web Client. A product walkthrough is also accessible when demonstrating to their associates or colleagues just how easy security management has become in vSphere 6.5.

Let’s discuss the three new PWTs that focus on vSphere 6.5 securities:

VM Encryption:

VM Encryptions is new to vSphere 6.5 and takes a different concept from all other encryption methods available. With VM Encryption, the encryption is done at the hypervisor level. Because a hypervisor has complete control over the virtual machine, one can encrypt I/O’s written to the virtual disk before they even reach the storage layer in the hypervisor. This accredits for storage independence and certifies that being written is never “in the clear”

This PWT will authenticate just how easy it is to encrypt a virtual machine. It will lead them through the necessary steps of applying the encryption storage policy.

Secure Boot for virtual Machines

Secure Boot for virtual machines is something that’s been asked for quite a while. Add the application of it could not be easier to enable. Secure Boot, allows operating systems like windows to boot with a level of affirmation that their boot loading components have not been modified by something like a root kit. When the VM is started, the EFI firmware will check the digital signature of the OS boot loader opposed to digital certificate stored in the EFI firmware. The EFI firmware for virtual machines is Secure Boot 2.3 docile and contains certificates to support Microsoft, Linux and even nested ESXi.

Encrypted vMotion

Encrypted vMotion has been asked about for years. Its here now in vSphere 6.5 and like VM encryption they have taken a different concept than one might think. They don’t actually encrypt the vMotion network. What they have encrypted is the data going over the vMotion network. At the time of migration, a 256 bit key and 64 bit nonce are formed by vCenter. This is a one time use key and is not abide.

This information is added to the migration specification sent to both hosts. Each packet is encrypted with the key and the nonce and only the receiving host can decrypt it.

This PWT will represent to enable Encrypted vMotion on a virtual machine. It will explain the three different options available to set on the virtual machine.

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