VMware Announces General Availability of vCloud Director 8.20

Before we start this article I would like to introduce myself. My name is John and I am the instructor of Getprotech. Basically Getprotech provides the VMware training in delhi. Lets back to the topic. It really feels proud to announce the general availability of VMware vCloud Director 8.20. The latest in a string of successful vCloud Director Releases on a regular cadence, vCloud Director 8.20 is an original, highly predictable release that enables vCloud Air Network service providers to acquire three key objectives:

  1. rapidly monetize new services,
  2. deliver radical operational efficiency to shared vCenter environments,
  3. With the new “Adopt a vCenter” efficiency, extend this radical operational efficiency to existing vCenter.

These capabilities are critical enablers for every service provider’s business.

Praise for vCloud Director 8.20:

 VCloud Air Network service providers have acknowledged with great ardency about the new levels of innovation achieved by the vCloud Director 8.20 release and its anticipated impact:

VCloud Director is the lifeblood of the hybrid cloud offering, Virtual private data center. With the release of vCD 8.20 the users will have an abnormal level of control over their virtual infrastructure. The amended amalgamation with NSX shows VMware’s commitment to next generation secure infrastructure as a service.

Let’s take a moment to know these three top capabilities – accelerated monetization of new services, radical operational efficiency and adopt a vCenter.

Rapidly Monetize New Services:

The most foreseen capability in vCloud Director 8.20 is its deep mixture with NSX, which now allows NSX capabilities to be uncovered and consumed in a multi tenant, self service fashion. Service providers have chapped role based access control over these capabilities, which enables them to carefully govern what their tenants can do – and price and package these capabilities.

Based on market pricing for advanced networking features as well as typical tenant demand a service provider can anticipate broadening revenue from a vCloud Director 8.20 environment with all NSX features enabled by 1.5-2x over a 36 month period.

In addition, vCloud Availability for vCloud Director 1.0.1 enables service providers to provide disaster recovery services natively in vCloud Director, which arrange disaster recovery environment for on premises or hosted vCenter, vCloud availability for vCloud Director 1.0.1is now certified on vCloud Director 8.20.

Radical Operational Efficiency:

VCloud Director has been concentrate on enabling infrastructure as service providers – whether self service or partially managed – to deliver anomalous levels of efficiency across shared vCenter environments.

This radical operational efficiency continues to be the heart of vCloud Directors value recommendation, enabling the service providers to truly deliver more with less. It is to encourage all service providers to review the growing list of case studies and acknowledge what it would mean for the business if anyone could improve the VM-to-admin ratio by 3 xs as Zettagrid did.

Adopt a vCenter:

It delivers game changing value for two categorized models – managed service providers and private dedicated clouds – that have been outside vCloud Director’s area of core adequacy.

Adopt a vCenter enables vCloud Director 8.20 to discover resource pools in existing vCenter and adopt them into the vCloud Director Management plane, without interruption or downtime.

Managed service providers, particularly those who have over the years developed custom code on top of vCenter server to provide some multi tenant capabilities across their underlying shared resources have been telling that moving to vCloud Director has capability to save both time and money over their current custom.

Similarly private dedicated cloud providers have been saying that a number of them have analyzed their estate and identified a number of very small, low margin dedicated vCenter disorderly through out their data centers that doesn’t make business sense to operate any more.

Service Monetization Opportunities through the ISV Ecosystem:

 Finally no vCloud Director release will be complete without the alliance from the strong and growing ecosystem of ISVs. A number of critical ISVs enable vCloud Director to essentially amplify and adorn its capabilities, including On App, Veeam, Veritas and Zerto.

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