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  • After this course you can easily Install ,configure and manage AWS Cloud environment.
  • About AWS Training Purpose and Benefits

    Highest growth in career with advanced IT professional skills.
    Furnish your qualification with Virtualization technologies for career demand growth .
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    Why Amazon Web Service?

    AWS provides the cloud computing platform for the datacenters. This AWS course gives you the complete knowledge of installation ,administration, management and configuration of AWS cloud computing environment from the base level to expertise level so that you can easily work on Amazon Web Service . This AWS training mainly built on the management of AWS cloud computing. Now a days almost all the organizations are going to cloud computing for greatest cost saving , Highest server utilization, high availability, zero downtime failover , best performance ,unmatched reliability, superior security, lowest TCO , fastest and easiest management thats why almost all the organizations are using AWS.
    With the help of this AWS training IT professionals can easily achieve the status of AWS Certified solution architect associate and work on any AWS environment.

    AWS Training Program Highlights

    • AWS Hands-on practical with real production environment.
    • 100% Practicle Training covers from day 1.
    • AWS solution architect associate Exam Preparation.
    • Get Training by Excellent experienced L3 Level trainer on live production concepts.
    • Interview preparation.
    • Get Deep knowledge of AWS concepts like how AWS technology works in backend and frontend .
    • After this course you can easily work on AWS environment .
    • Getprotech provides the best AWS Training in Delhi NCR.
    • AWS Course Details

    • 1.Course Overview
      • Introductions to cloud computing  
      • Introduction to AWS
      • AWS cloud computing Course objectives
    • 2. AWS Overview  
      • AWS Overview 
      • AWS Architecture 
      • Describe how AWS fits into the cloud architecture
      • AWS Management Console
      • Create, Manage and Configure AWS Account
    • 3. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
      • Introduction and types of Amazon EC2
      • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Concepts
      • How to create and manage Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
      • Amazon Machine Images (AMI) & Create an AMI
      • EC2 instance types
      • Launch and connect to an EC2 Linux instance
      • Launch and connect to an EC2 Windows instance
      • Management of EC2 instance
      • Overview and types of Amazon EBS
      • EC2 Pricing
      • How to configue and manage Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
      • Types of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
      • How to Configure and manage Auto Scalling
      • Elastic IP address
      • AWS Services and EC2 best practices
    • 4. Designing High Availability, Cost-efficient, Fault-tolerance
      • Designing Highly Available, Cost-efficient, Fault-tolerant, and Scalable Systems
      • Design Cloud Services
      • Monitoring,Logging,Planning and Designing
      • Hybrid Cloud IT infrastructure
    • 5. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
      • Discribe, create, and manage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
      • Amazon VPC , Private Subnet and Public Subnet
      • AWS Networking ,Security Groups and Network ACLs
      • Configuration and management of VPN connectivity
    • 6. Identity Acess Management (IAM)  
      • Introduction and importance of Identity Acess Management (IAM)
      • IAM Overview and Policies
      • IAM Users, Groups, policies and Roles
    • 7. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), CloudFront and Amazon Export- Import Snowball
      • Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
      • Complete S3 Overview and How to create and manage Buckets and objects
      • How to manage Version Control and Lifecycle Management
      • How to host static website on S3
      • CloudFront and CDNs
      • Amazon Export- Import Snowball
    • 8. Amazon Route 53
      • Introduction of Amazon Route 53 and the benifits of Route 53
      • How to Configure and manage Route 53
      • Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone
    • 9. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
      • Databases, Databases Overview ,MYSQL, AMI Databases , Amazon DynamoDB , Amazon Redshift , Amazon Aurora and etc
      • How to configure and manage database
      • How to connect database
    • 10. CloudWatch , SNS , SES , Workmail, WorkDocs
      • Introduction of CloudWatch
      • How to setup Alearts and notification through CloudWatch
      • How to create,configure and manage cloudwatch
      • Introduction to SNS and SES and management of SNS and SES
      • Introduction to WorkMail and WorkDocs
      • Create,Configure and Manage WorkMail and WorkDocs
      • How to setup email server for your company
    • 11. Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
      • Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
      • AWS Responsibilities and Securities
      • AWS Design patterns and CloudFormation
    • 12. Backup and Disaster Recovery
      • How to manage Disaster Recovery and Backups
      • Best Practice for DR and Backups
    • 13. AWS Solutions Architect Exam
      • Complete guidence for AWS Solutions Architect Exam
      • Study Tips and Exam Overview
    • 14. Troubleshooting and Price Calculator
      • Troubleshooting scenarios and support
      • How to use AWS price calculator


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